"Capturing the moments that matter"

Years of experience

Event Count

Over 100 events successfully completed with happy customers!

London based Photographer, experienced in event photography. I have photographed many events such as weddings, mehndi nights, vidhis, birthdays. Photography has been a hobby turned passion, passion turned into a professional service satisfying the needs of customers. I’ve been pushing buttons on camera’s since 2010 and every year since then I’ve improved in my skill set in every angle.

My goal, is to show the beauty of your event so that you can reflect upon the photos and grace upon the time and effort you, your family and friends put into your event.

I go by the motto of “Capturing the moments that matter”, it’s stuck with me since the moment I’ve said it and it shows in the work that I present. Capturing the moments that will matter to you. I love shooting the extravagance of your events and the minuscule details that many people miss and that make your special day special. As many people say, “it’s all in the details” and sometimes it truly is.

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